The 25th session of the North Eurasian Climate Forum (NEACOF-25) and the Project Inception Regional Workshop: Enhancing Knowledge and Capacity to Build Resilience to Slow-Onset Disasters in Central Asia, organized by the North Eurasian Climate Center (NEACC) and Disaster Risk Reduction office of Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), took place both in person and online on December 4 and 5, 2023. In total, 144 participants from 11 countries were registered, 59 of them took part in the forum in-person.

As part of the in-person session on December 4-5, presentations by international experts were presented; in particular, a special ESCAP program aimed at problems in the disaster risk reduction was presented. Based on the consensus NEACOF-25 forecast, impact based outlook of expected climate anomalies on agriculture, water resources and DRR was presented for the first time in an experimental mode using the ESCAP methodology. Leading scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences will make presentations on the main aspects of the implementation of large-scale projects dedicated to improving climate forecasting systems. The agenda of NEACOF-25 also included reports from representatives of the meteorological services of Central Asia focusing on the needs and practical use of consensus forecasts. During the NEACOF-25, special attention was paid to issues of interaction with users. Representatives from the health, transport and agriculture sectors were take part in the discussions with brief presentations.

The materials of NEACOF-25 are posted at

Thank you all for participating in the forum!


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